The endless mystery of nature

Cypress Thera products simulate the transport mechanism of cells, and supply the nutrients to the skin cells directly, helping the skin look healthier and full of vitality.


Cypress Thera  Beauty and Simplicity

Cosmetic surgery can only modify the outer appearance of your skin, but cannot restore the inner elasticity and plumpness. What's more, there are endless cases of failures. We want to maintain beauty and youth without taking any risks.

The good news is that you only need to spend a small amount of time to maintain youthful skin!

Cypress Thera adheres to the principle of following nature, with its pure and transparent source of ingredients. Cypress Thera skin care products are prepared directly at the pharmaceutical factory. Use the high-end skin care products made with Cypress Thera technology in the morning and evening to awaken the skin's ability to heal itself, and allow your skin to return to its original (or natural) state.

Taking care of the skin at ease

Cypress Thera utilizes medical-grade "percutaneous absorption technology" to develop high-end skin care products that focus on keratin repair and maintenance. Only with the use of superior and refined keratin can you have healthy skin texture. The market is full of inferior products using subpar chemical methods to soften the keratin. Not only are they ineffective but when applied to your face increases the risk that this inferior keratin will unintentionally age your skin quickly over time.

Using advanced percutaneous absorption technology, enzymes are coated with liposomes, to penetrate the surface of the skin effectively and quickly, help open T cells and activate the skin's self-repair mechanism to regain keratinous health. Only with our high quality skin care products will your skin receive the benefits of improved texture and appearance. A good skin care routine is only as good as the products you use.





サイプレス・セラ 限りない美しさをシンプルに











Cypress Thera產品主軸,以單純天然原料為主,維持肌膚自然生長的能力,對術後,需要專業保養的肌膚,提供安全有效度的保養品。秉持不違抗自然生長為核心目標力求:原料來源透明、藥廠製備為標準、過敏肌適用、達到肌膚油水平衡。想要縮小毛孔、肌膚彈力、白皙透亮的肌膚,可以回復到正常的狀態,喚醒肌膚自癒的能力。讓您安心做保養,守護細胞健康。

"Cypress Thera 運用「經皮吸收技術」,發展高階保養品於注重角質修護保養、恢復健康角質為目的,角質保護好,就會有好的膚質。這才是正確的觀念。市面上利用化學方式,軟化角質的劣質產品充斥,不僅功效不彰,塗抹在臉上,更是增加角質負擔,肌膚疲累而不知,時間一久變得老化快速。利用21世紀進步的「經皮吸收技術」,應用脂質體包覆活性酵素,使之有效又快速滲透皮膚表層,啟動皮膚自我修復,恢復角質健康。加上透明安全及生技技術的原料,製成保養品,讓營養滲透,修護皮脂膜,恢復角質健康,皮膚就健康青春。把角質健康推廣到大家心裡,才是正確維護肌膚年輕的不二法門。