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Repairs skin tissue scarring
Balances oil production of the face secretion
Soothes Smoothes lines and wrinkles, increases skin firmness
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We reveal the secret treatment formula used by cosmetic clinics
Unexpectedly lightweight and nourishing

Golden Essential Oil

Focus point Core Target: Repairs skin tissue scarring/ Balances oil secretion/ Smoothes lines and wrinkles, increases skin firmness.

Vitality of the bees
Continuous skin repair
Enhances the youthful appearance of your skin

🔴How it works:

Our skin is waterproof but oil friendly. By using oil-based products to balance surface pH values, water-based products used after are easier to absorb.

🔴Key Benefits:
Achieves perfect balance of oil and water, activates natural skin regulation, reduces dry flaky skin.
Provides protection all  weather protection even in the harshest environment, prevents skin from cracking and peeling.
Multiple anti-aging components are added. The formula includes many valuable premium and precious ingredients such as bee venom, caviar extract, patent protected hyaluronic acid, and golden silk extract resulting in a rich golden fluid.  
Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Extracts of many valuable premium skin friendly argan oils serve as a basis, along with the addition of natural honey as a water-based moisturizer, the product is exceptionally skin friendly.
Valuable Exclusive skincare ingredients such as plant sterol and vitamin E rapidly moisturize the cuticle, increasing overall moisturizing effect. Moisture is locked in your skin to give a vibrant look.  
A variety of anti-aging components are added. The formula includes a blend of unique ingredients such as bee venom, caviar extract, patented hyaluronic acid, and golden silk extract resulting in a rich golden serum that rejuvenates skin, adding firmness and moisturizing with instantaneous results.  
Bee venom is collected from bees by a patented, nonfatal method. It includes various types of peptides, enzymes, and bioactive ingredients, and is test proven to have similar anti-wrinkle effects as botulinum toxins.
Diminishes crevasses on your skin and stabilizes skin metabolism, with added effects of anti-aging, anti-acne, and anti-wrinkle.
Patented anti-wrinkle micro-saccule hyaluronic acid replacement technology: dry hyaluronic acid saccules penetrate the skin and expand by absorbing water, sustaining your skin from inside out, resulting in fast removal of wrinkles.


1. After facial cleansing and application of toners, massage 2 drops until absorbed by skin (~15 seconds).
2. Follow through with your usual skincare routine.

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