Cypress Thera adheres to the core principle of harmonizing with nature's growth, following GMP standards, and selecting clean, safe, and natural ingredients. It utilizes biotechnology and microbiology to maintain the skin's natural growth capabilities. For post-operative care and those in need of professional skincare, it provides safe and effective products. It offers a suitable environment for sensitive skin, aiming to repair the skin, activate its self-metabolic circulation function, prevent and repair photoaging, and protect your healthy skin.

Cypress Thera employs 21st-century advanced "transdermal absorption technology" by utilizing liposomes to encapsulate active enzymes. This has led to the development of high-quality skincare products that effectively and quickly penetrate the skin's surface, triggering self-repair mechanisms and restoring healthy skin. The focus is on exfoliating and repairing the skin's barrier, nurturing a healthy stratum corneum to showcase excellent skin quality.


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