A Guide to Skin Care Products for your 40s. There are 3 major elements to consider when choosing the right anti-aging products.



A Guide to Skin Care Products for your 40s.

There are 3 major elements to consider when choosing the right anti-aging products.


If you want to slow down the process of aging on your skin, a consistent skin care routine is essential! Here is an introduction to what changes your skin will experience as you enter your 40s. There are 3 key points to consider when buying skin care products that will help you regain your youthful radiance.


The state of your skin in your 40s is greatly affected by intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Human skin will show signs of aging such as fine lines and spots due to environmental factors such as living habits and ultraviolet radiation. The main causes of skin aging can be divided into two types: instincts - internal aging and extrinsic - external aging (photoaging).


Internal aging

Internal aging is a phenomenon that everyone will experience. As you get older, the secretion rate of human hormones will decrease and the skin’s lipid content will steadily decline, causing the inefficiency of water retention and compromising the skin's ability to self-repair. The skin loses moisture which accelerates the growth of fine lines.


External aging (photoaging)

Everyone is affected differently by the environment. The exposure to ultraviolet rays damages the DNA of skin cells, which leads to the deterioration of the skin's self-healing ability, accelerating the loss of collagen, making the skin more fragile and leading to obvious aging. However, with the rapid development of medical technology, there are many products that can alleviate the damage caused by external aging and ultraviolet radiation, and help the skin restore its radiance.


How to choose the best anti-aging skin care products for your 40s? There are 3 basic elements that help the skin regain its firmness and plumpness.

Most women adopt a skin care routine in their 20s that they enjoy and works well and maintain that routine well into their 40s. However, our skin changes over time and our skin care routine should also be adjusted for the different ages. The following will introduce 3 essential elements needed to build an effective anti-aging skin care routine in your 40s.


Element 1: anti-wrinkle

One of the obvious characteristics of aging skin is the appearance of fine lines. The skin around the eyes and neck is thin with less subcutaneous fat, and moisture and oils are easily lost. Fine lines and wrinkles will form if the skin is not protected properly. Therefore, when buying skin care products, choose products, specifically serums that target fine lines (anti-wrinkle) and protect the healthy barrier of your skin.


Element 2: moisturizers

Moisturizing is also an indispensable part of maintenance for your 40-year-old skin,. There are two main types of moisturizers; those that "lock in moisture" and those  that "maintain hydration". Products that lock in moisturize work by forming a hydrophobic film between the "skin surface" and the stratum corneum to prevent water from evaporating. Products that maintain hydration are used on the “outside" or "between" the stratum corneum. If the skin care product only locks in moisture, while it may help absorb water from the dermis to the keratin, will not be able to stop the water evaporation from the face and lead to more water loss.

Therefore, when choosing a moisturizing product, you must choose one that can both lock in moisture and maintain hydration, so it can effectively supply the moisture required by the skin and maintain the oil-water balance.


Element 3: high absorption

Another major element for your skin care routine is to choose products that prime your skin to better absorb the anti-aging products you apply. If your skin cannot effectively absorb the anti-aging products, particularly the products with various nutrients, these will become ineffective in maintaining a healthy skin.  Therefore, the level of absorption must be taken into account when choosing a product.


How to buy toner, lotion and essence? Introduction to 40-year-old skin care products 

The skin care products commonly used by people are mostly toners, lotions and essences. The differences between the three are introduced below to provide you a basic understanding of their functions:



The main ingredient of toner is water. Using toner is the first skin care procedure for most people after cleansing their face. Toner is a product that helps increase the moisture content of the skin's surface in a short period of time. Therefore, if you only use toner, but do not use other skin care products to lock in water, the skin may be drier due to the rapid evaporation of water. Therefore, after facial cleansing, if you only want to use one product, it is recommended to directly use moisturizing essences instead of toner.



Lotion is a skin care product that people use on an almost daily basis.. Lotion can maintain the skin's moisture balance and replenish important oils needed by the skin. Because lotions contain a mixture of oil and water very similar to our skin’s stratum corneum, it can effectively cover the skin epidermis, which in turn locks in the applied nutrients, providing skin care products time to work and moisturize the skin.



The role of the essence actually overlaps with that of the lotion. The main function of the essence is to nourish the skin. Many people may dislike the stickiness of essence, so they avoid using essence and apply lotion directly. However, as the season changes, it will affect the level of moisture your skin can retain.  Therefore, when choosing skin care products, it’s important to use a refreshing essence to maintain the skin’s moisture, so that the skin has sufficient nutrients.

In addition to the texture of skin care products, the choice of essence components is also very important. For example, products containing DNA repair enzyme T4N5 can moisturize and provide sufficient nutrients to the skin, help repair skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays, and help to delay aging.


Recommended skin care products for 40-year-old women --"T4 Enzyme"

After understanding the key points of skin care maintenance for 40s, you are welcome to experience the products of Cypress Thera to keep your skin bright and radiant!

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