GOLDEN Essential Oil

Prevent rough skin, soothe skin dryness,
alleviate skin discomfort.

Product Volume: 30mL
Skin Conditioning, Facial Smoothing, Skin Repair
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Imagine a tender skin touch like that of a baby, the gentle sensation of fingers on the skin, providing a sense of happiness for a beautiful life. This sensation sets the stage for every subsequent skincare routine to be more perfectly presented.

Cypress Thera's Golden Essence Oil is enriched with abundant Vitamin B5 and caviar extract, elevating skin comfort and helping the skin retain moisture to prevent dryness, reduce peeling, and flaking.

It can be used morning and night, with the characteristic of quick absorption and non-greasiness, offering a comfortable feeling to the skin, whether you prefer a natural look or wear makeup.

  • Maintain skin health

  • Prevent dryness

  • Oil control

  • Retain moisture

  • Refine skin texture and tighten pores

  • Smooth wrinkles and fine lines

Cypress Thera's Golden Essence Oil is a premium pure oil skincare product created by blending selected oils through esterification. It mimics the oil-water ratio of youthful skin and incorporates excellent moisturizing ingredients, repair elements, and other functional extracts. When your skin feels uncomfortable, applying it provides relief.

  1. Silk Protein

    • A pure and natural source of protein that helps tighten and purify pores, giving the skin a full and elastic texture.

  2. Coenzyme Q10

    • An essential component for skin elasticity, enhancing the skin's resistance.

  3. Bee Peptide

    • Naturally sourced, it contributes to restoring skin elasticity and presenting a bright and glossy complexion, making skincare more comprehensive.



When using skincare products, the recommended daily usage is approximately 1 gram (about the size of a pea). Below are the instructions for various products:

Cleansing Product (Cleansing Milk/Facial Cleanser):
Take an appropriate amount of cleansing product, about the size of a pea (approximately 1 gram).
Wet the face with warm water and evenly apply the cleansing product, gently massaging.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Toner (Toner/Lotion):
Use a cotton pad or fingertips to take an appropriate amount of toner.
Apply it evenly on the face and neck, gently patting to aid absorption.
Wait for the toner to be fully absorbed before proceeding with the next steps.

Essence (Essence/Serum):
Take an appropriate amount of essence, usually 1 gram is sufficient.
Apply it evenly on the face and neck, gently massaging to promote absorption.
Wait for the essence to penetrate fully before proceeding with the next skincare steps.

Take an appropriate amount of lotion or moisturizer, approximately 1 gram.
Apply it evenly on the face and neck, and massage gently if desired.
Wait for the lotion or moisturizer to be fully absorbed before moving on to sun protection.

Take an appropriate amount of sunscreen, generally around 1 gram.
Apply it evenly on the face, neck, and any other areas that need sun protection.
If needed, reapply after a few hours during the day.
Other Special Skincare Products:

For special products like eye care or masks, follow the product instructions for the appropriate amount.

Avoid using excessive amounts of skincare products; 1 gram is typically sufficient to cover the entire face and neck.
Follow the product instructions for morning and evening use, maintaining a consistent routine.
In case of specific concerns or skin discomfort, it is recommended to consult with a professional skincare doctor or beautician.
This specification is for reference only.



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