T4 High Efficiency Superconducting

Strengthen skin with 100% new active enzymes High-efficiency superconducting T4 enzyme/100% active enzyme/smoothing wrinkles/new specifications for oil-water balance
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Skincare product that simultaneously repairs the skin from within. T4N5 enzyme-activated cell care technology. Biotechnology skincare product that restores metabolic function. This skincare product utilizes T4N5 enzyme activation cell care technology to rejuvenate cell function through biotechnological innovation. Enhanced with unique moisturizing essence and peptide oil, it further boosts the skin's natural vitality and rebuilds its natural moisture and lipid barrier. It defends against light and environmental damage during the day, repairs at night, providing 24-hour protection for your skin.

The world's first pure T4N5 repair enzyme, encapsulated in liposomes, serves as a cosmetic ingredient and is registered on the INCI. International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) names are internationally recognized systematic names used to identify cosmetic ingredients. They are developed and published by the International Nomenclature Committee (INC) in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook. The concept of standardized labeling names has broad support from raw material and finished product manufacturers, the scientific community, the medical field, and regulatory agencies in the United States and other countries. The unified labeling system for cosmetic ingredients has many benefits, including transparency to consumers because ingredients are identified using a single labeling name, regardless of the product's country of origin. Additionally, it ensures the organized dissemination of scientific information to dermatologists and others in the medical field, aiding in identifying medications responsible for adverse reactions.

✓ According to published literature, exposure of the skin to ultraviolet radiation causes Thymine (T) bases in the double-helix structure to bond together, forming T-T dimers, leading to skin aging. T4N5 enzymes can repair this damage.


Texture : Transparent liquid

Volume : 5 ML

Application : 2~5 drops per use, AM and PM use

Applicable skin types: Sensitive skin, Normal skin

Instructions : Pour the essence into the T4N5 enzyme bottle and mix it evenly. After washing your face in the morning and evening, apply the mixed essence onto your face and neck, gently patting it until the essence is absorbed.

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