T4 High Efficiency Superconducting

Smooth wrinkles, delay skin aging Volume: 5ML
Activate, Condition, Repair
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Witness the vitality of the skin, become the cornerstone of future hope, revitalize the skin, unclog pores, and the natural radiance of the skin is captivating.

Cypress Thera Vitality Repair Essence uses professional freeze-drying technology to lock and maintain the activity of liposome DNA nucleases V. It is used to repair the skin. When used daily, it can diminish fine lines and even out skin tone.

  • Recommended for immediate care after sun exposure
  • Revitalize the skin, suitable for post-sun exposure
  • Balance skin oil secretion
  • Whiten, tighten pores, and smooth fine lines

Professional freeze-drying technology preserves the precious vitality of T4N5, and when mixed with the specially formulated essence, it becomes a uniquely beautiful appearance like a unicorn. Seemingly elusive yet vivid, it is as enchanting as a dream.


An essence rich in active enzymes, packaged with two bottles—one for freeze-drying and the other for essence.

First, pour the essence into the freeze-drying bottle, where T4N5 freeze-drying instantly dissolves, transforming into the highly active superconductive T4 enzyme essence. Attach a silicone straw to the bottle mouth of the highly efficient superconductive T4 enzyme essence for direct use. The highly efficient superconductive T4 enzyme essence is very gentle; apply 4-5 drops to the face morning and night.

The 5ml quantity can be used for 5-7 days.

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