Q10 Whitening Extract Cream

*For smoothing out fine lines and boosting skin elasticity
*Reduces damage caused by UV rays and brightens dull skin
*Skin-friendly lipids and other ingredients replenish the sebum missing from dry skin and improves the balance of oil and water
*Regulates skin imbalances, increases skin’s defense ability, and restores skin radiance from the inside out
Inhibits the excessive secretion of skin melanin
penetrating moisturizer
keeping skin supple
Suitable for sensitive skin
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Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing

Smooths out fine lines, brightens dull skin, increases skin elasticity, repairs post-operative skin and strengthens skin’s defense.

Using advanced nano-liposome technology to produce micro-encapsulated coenzyme Q10, releasing its skin-friendly properties to greatly enhance the skin's anti-oxidation and eliminate free radicals, while also boosting skin elasticity, to smooth and prevent wrinkles.

Using biotech slow-release technology, the high-end liposome

Q10 Whitening Extract Cream can effectively and quickly introduce the nutrients into the skin cells, improve skin texture, inhibit the melanin produced by the sun exposure or indoor tanning, and reduce the excessive secretion of melanin. Allows the skin's surface to regain natural, even skin tone, delays skin aging, nourishes the skin and forms a protective film.

Q10 Whitening Extract Cream enables facial skin to have strong water-locking and moisturizing power, delaying aging and maintaining skin health. Sustaining keratin health and increasing water content are important key factors in anti-oxidation and prevention of the aging process.


Texture : Yellow  

Cream Valume : 45 g

Application:  0.5~2 g per use

Applicable skin types: Sensitive skin, Normal skin

Instructions : After washing your face in the morning and evening, Take a spoonful of cream on the palm of your hand and apply evenly to your face and neck.


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